DNA analysis is currently the most important tool for the identification of biological remains in criminal investigations, given that DNA holds up under conditions which would destroy other elements of criminal forensic interest.

DNA analyses are indispensable for organizing the work of the investigators, who will use these methods for setting out their investigation in terms of certain priorities and deciding as to the guilt or innocence of the suspects.

Many crimes, especially cases of rape and homicide, would obviously not have been possible to solve nor would they be solved in the future without using these techniques, not being able to convict the guilty or rule out those not guilty.

Investigation makes it necessary for the qualitative aspects of the DNA analyses as well as the quality control and guarantee systems recognized on an international scale to be standardized. GENOMICA is a pioneer in the implementation of quality systems and laboratories related to genetic analysis and is expert in the quality guarantee procedures and in the training of the personnel necessary for all stages in the process. Therefore, we are in the best of positions to provide you with the best process for implementing a laboratory specialized in DNA analysis. The investment in a DNA laboratory which fully complies with the quality controls and systems which GENOMICA provides for conducting DNA analyses entails an excellent cost-benefit ratio and is fundamental for the current and future development of the scientific police force and the judiciary system.