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#1. NEDxA Market Launch.

A long time has passed since the beginning of the GENOMICA’S POCT project and the hard work begins to pay off. NEDxA is going through its final validations and is expected to be officially launched by the second quarter of this year. NEDxA will require no hands-on time and reduces the time of a HPV test from sample to result to only 75 minutes. A true revolution in Molecular Diagnostics is about to come.

#2. . A Business Group Focused on Oncology.

GENOMICA belongs to the PharmaMar Group. PharmaMar is the first company in the world to research, develop and market a marine-based drug to fight cancer. They currently have one drug on the market (Yondelis), another one in registrational process (Aplidin) by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), and has just signed an exclusive license, development and commercialization agreement with Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd., that belongs to the Roche Group, for PM1183 (lurbinectedin) in Japan.

In 2016 GENOMICA expanded its product portfolio related to oncology (CLART® CMA) with several new products. To detect mutations in oncogenes related to Non- small-cell lung cancer the existing CLART® CMA EGFR kit was supplemented with CLART ®  CMA ALK and ROS , since selected mutations in these two genes have been shown to also play a role when deciding the right treatment for these patients. Also a new version of the CLART®  CMA EGFR kit for liquid biopsy samples was released with the aim to detect mutations in blood samples instead of solid biopsies. The demand on these kind of oncology related tests is growing and in 2017 GENOMICA will do its best to assist in the fight against cancer.

#3. New Branch Office in China.

China represents one of the largest markets in the Asia-Pacific region for clinical diagnostics, and is the fastest growing among the top ten IVD country markets.
GENOMICA is currently established in the city of Wuhan and will open its first branch office this year. The office will be placed in what is considered one of the biggest tech hubs in China, The Wuhan East Lake High Tech Park.