In vitro diagnostics kits marketed by GENOMICA are produced in our facilities at Madrid (Spain) following the highest quality standards. These facilities comprise:

  • Clean rooms, for the production of reagents for nucleic acid extraction, PCR mixes and microarray visualization buffers. These areas are kept at a positive pressure to avoid contamination from outer laboratories, and are subject to thorough cleaning and periodic control of air particles. All the processes are fully automated by means of several specific liquid handling stations that dispense, close and label, reagents in a wide range of tubes and bottles without the need of human intervention.
  • Quality control laboratories, where all the products manufactured in the clean rooms are tested to verify their activity and specificity. These laboratories include PrePCR and PostPCR-dedicated rooms.
  • Assembly area, for the preparation and packing of the delivery on customer’s demand. This area includes cold stores at 4 and -20º C.

All the laboratory equipment and medical devices involved in the manufacture, quality control and assembly are calibrated and verified regularly, and covered by a maintenance program by specialized service support. GENOMICA’s personnel have been trained to do their jobs according to the quality standard that the market demands.