GENOMICA owns a Patent Portfolio which at the present time comprises:

  • 30 granted patents, and
  • 18 patent applications.

These patents and patent applications belong to 9 patent families, which protect key aspects of the diagnostic products of the company.


At present GENOMICA owns 35 trademarks, of which 33 are registered trademarks and 2 trademark applications.
These trademarks mainly correspond to diagnostic kits of the Company, as well as to essential elements of the technological platform CLART®.

Some of the territories where GENOMICA prosecutes Intellectual Property rights are: European Union, US, Canada, Russia, China, Mexico, Brazil, etc.


Other approaches of intangible assets management taken by GENOMICA are:

  • Protection of confidential information as Trade Secret;
  • Notarial deposit as alternative tool for the registration of intellectual property rights;
  • Avoidance of infringement of third parties’ rights through identification of any such rights in Freedom to Operate analyses;