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Madrid 19/03/2018

GENOMICA inaugurated its first subsidiary in Asia on March 14th, within the “Wuhan East Lake Free Trade Zone” in the city of Wuhan, China. The event was chaired by the Ambassador of Spain in China, HE Mr. Alberto Carnero, and was attended by numerous Chinese companies, as well as representatives of the “Wuhan East Lake Free Trade Zone”.

The “Wuhan East Lake Free Trade Zone” is a free trade zone with special customs and tax supervision for import and export, conditions that make it a strategic enclave for GENOMICA in its mission to become a reference company in the Asia-Pacific region.

The expansion of GENOMICA in China began in 2013 with the opening of a Representative Office in the city of Wuhan, within “Biolake” one of the reference technology parks in Asia. It has more than 15 km2 dedicated to Biotechnology , Bioagriculture, Biophysics and Biomedicine, among other sciences, converting this city of more than 10 million inhabitants and soon to harbor the largest cargo airport in Asia, into one of the fastest growing economic and industrial areas of the Asian giant.

The main function of the Representation Office was to study the Asian market and, especially, search for Chinese partners to distribute GENOMICA’s products in this country. After four years, the biotechnology company has decided to transform the office into a subsidiary company of its parent company, located in Madrid. This will enable close distribution agreements and initiation of the registration process with the China Regulatory Agency, cFDA, for GENOMICA’s diagnostic kits.
GENOMICA thus becomes the first Spanish molecular diagnostics company to open a subsidiary in China. From here, the diagnostic products based on CLART®, a state-of-the-art technology owned by the company, will be brought to this country and the rest of Southeast Asia. CLART® allows the detection of numerous infectious pathogens, such as human papilloma virus, herpes, respiratory or sexually transmitted viruses, as well as the identification of key oncological biomarkers in the choice of personalized treatments used for patients suffering from lung cancer, colon cancer or melanoma.

In addition to access to this large market, GENOMICA directors have found a great innovative provision on the part of Chinese companies, as well as an impulse on the part of the Asian government to invest in this sector.