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Madrid, November 27th, 2019.- GENOMICA, the molecular diagnostics company belonging to the PharmaMar Group (MSE:PHM), begins to materialize its first contract in China with the medical equipment company, HuaSin Science, to lead the global challenge of the early diagnosis of cervical cancer in China. Following the signing of the contract at the beginning of 2019 and after 8 months work, production of the first 6 automatic units, fully adapted to the Asian brand has been completed, including a specific corporate image design, as well as user software in Chinese. The molecular diagnostic kits based on GENOMICA’s CLART® technology, will be produced by HuaSin Science, will allow the analysis of the HPV.

During their visit to Genomica in Spain, the Chinese delegation has received the necessary training to process the samples, use and maintain equipment and understand the functional characteristics and technical specifications of the diagnostic kit, which will be used to detect HPV in millions of women in China.

With the training of personnel and the delivery of this equipment, the first milestone of this agreement has been completed, the next step consisting in the beginning of the registration process by the company HuaSin Science of the HPV diagnostic kits and automation equipment.

HPV is the most common sexually transmitted infection in the world that can cause cancer. According to statistics, between 75-80% of sexually active men and women may contract this virus at some point in their lives, accounting for 10% of cervical cancer cases in women.

China accounts for 25% of the half a million cases of cervical cancer diagnosed each year in the world. Early diagnosis of HPV could greatly prevent the further development of cervical cancer in more than 125,000 women from the Asian giant, a cancer that causes about 50,000 deaths a year.

The new diagnostic kit, designed with specific software for the Chinese company, allows for the analysis of 96 simultaneous samples from patients in approximately 5 hours. This tool will allow the analysis and identification of all HPV genotypes, of which 14 have the capacity to produce cancer.

The molecular diagnosis kit, which will be marketed in China under the name “Di Bao”, provides the medical professional with the necessary information to make clinical decisions regarding the treatment and monitoring of the patient. This kit complements, and in some cases replaces, the traditional cytology because the it shows whether the HPV virus has produced any cellular alteration, while the molecular diagnostic kit indicates whether the virus is present and what type of genotype it is. An early diagnosis of the virus increases the chances of cure and survival.

GENOMICA thus becomes the first Spanish Company to start penetrating the HPV molecular diagnosis market in China.

GENOMICA opened its subsidiary in Wuhan, China, in January 2018, becoming the first Spanish molecular in vitro diagnostic manufacturer with a subsidiary in China. With the delivery of this equipment, the milestones and deadlines foreseen in the agreement signed by both companies at the beginning of 2019 continue to be met. HuaSin Science obtains with this contract the exclusive rights to produce and distribute the kit under its own brand, “Di Bao”, a fully automated HPV genotyping analysis platform, based on CLART® technology designed by GENOMICA.