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The partnership will seek to improve quality cancer care in Spain by encouraging research projects, optimized use of GENOMICA diagnostic kits, scientific and medical dissemination and training of oncology professionals.

GENOMICA, has entered a broad collaboration agreement with the Foundation for Excellence and Quality in Oncology focused on improving cancer care by fostering research projects and clinical management across different disciplines in oncology.

This important agreement is the first one carried out by a Spanish biotechnology company and the prestigious Spanish Foundation. The goals of this collaboration is to strengthen the mission of GENOMICA to facilitate reliable and optimized molecular diagnostics tools in clinic practice and to be aligned with the basis of the ECO Foundation for boosting advances in Spanish oncology. This will offer patients the best resources.

Among the different activities that will be performed under this agreement, GENOMICA and the ECO Foundation will promote training courses and conferences, forums for scientific dissemination, health-focused research projects, publication of scientific articles as well as events geared to the general audience.

The President of the ECO Foundation, Dr. Vicente Guillem, was very pleased with the agreement, which will allow intensifying the work of the organization in the field of genetic analysis and precision medicine in oncology. The ECO Foundation has conducted several scientific initiatives in this line, which are considered key for the future of cancer treatment. To promote guidelines that will improve the quality of Spanish Oncology in all its aspects, ” this agreement will open new forums for debate and analysis that will allow us to advance in the new era of personalized medicine”, said the renowned oncologist, Dr. Guillem .

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