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As a step forward in its successful internationalization process, GENOMICA is the first Spanish company to be established in the Biotechnology Park Wuhan (People’s Republic of China).

As of today, internationalization process represents one of the cornerstones of GENOMICA’s business. It started in 2006 and we are currently exporting to over 35 countries worldwide.
China represents one of the main target markets in terms of volume and growth rate, however, both processes, the implementation of foreign trade offices and the importation of products, are extremely complicated due to the bureaucracy deployed. El proyecto de apertura de la oficina de representación comercial se inició a finales del año 2012 y ha culminado con éxito este verano.
The GENOMICA trade representative office is based in the Biolake (National Bioindustry Base), Wuhan, main location for multinational biotech and pharmaceutical companies. Biolake was established in 2008, in an area of technology development close to the city East Lake. It covers an area of 15 km2, including six specific clusters: Bio-innovation Park, Bio-pharma Park, Bio-agriculture Park, Bio-manufacturing Park, Medical Device Park and Medical Health Park.
With this new opening, GENOMICA S.A.U will promote the CLART® Technology in the main Asiatic markets, in the same way that will enable a better delivery of services to those customers that are already working with our technology.