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• The opening of the legal entity in the country sets up the first milestone that will consolidate the expansion of the company in Latin America.

• Brazil is one of the emerging economies with the greatest growth projection in the healthcare sector.

Madrid 11th/ January / 2018: GENOMICA announces the opening of its first filial in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, which, along with its Sao Paulo business office will serve as the company´s operations headquarters, increasing the presence of the company that belongs to the PharmaMar Group, not only in Brazil, but also in other Latin American countries. Its products are currently distributed in several countries in the region.

GENOMICA, which already commercializes its products to the most important laboratories and hospitals in the country, will benefit from this new position, understanding the market needs and delivering better service in such an important region.

The company has created a new organizational structure for which it has recruited new professionals in Brazil to more effectively face the forthcoming challenges at the newly opened subsidiary.

GENOMICA’s Group Managing Director, Rosario Cospedal declared: “We have been working very hard during the last year and are glad to finally announce the opening of our new subsidiary in Brazil. This is a crucial strategic move that will give us the strength to successfully continue with our global expansion plan.”

Brazil is the sixth most populated country in the world, being the largest in Latin America in both population and extension. It is an emerging market with many possibilities for growth, experiencing a rise in the incidence of chronic and infectious diseases and also in the total investment in Healthcare. GENOMICA enters at a favorable moment to become a key player in the Brazilian molecular diagnostics market.