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GENOMICA closes down its seventh consecutive participation in the interdisciplinary congress Eurogin, held in Florence from 2nd to 6 th November, 2013.
This congress edition has been especially productive for GENOMICA as we have shown for the very first time our latest automation system, autoclart, for performing all CLART® assays. Furthermore, Eurogin has been used as well as an international platform for releasing the results obtained from HORIZON study, performed in Denmark and assessing the performance of fourof the most relevant commercially available HPV molecular tests , including GENOMICA, when testing primary screening samples.
Eurogin always represent a great opportunity for current customers to release latest results obtained with CLART® Technology. Among others:
– Comparison of four HPV assays in a primary screening population (C. Rygaard Denmark).
– API – Assay Performance Indicators assessment and comparison of molecular HPV assay performance (J. Bonde, Denmark).
– Evaluation of the CLART® HPV2 micro array assay on seminal plasma samples (S. Pillet, France).
– Comparative evaluation of the real-time PCR based LIPA assay for the detection and the genotyping of human Papillomavirus in cervical specimens versus CLART® HPV-2 micro array and conventional INNO-LiPA extra genotyping tests (T. Bourlet, France).