CLART® Technology Transfer and OEM opportunities

GENOMICA´s CLART® Technology is available in several platforms, of which CLART-Strip® is a user friendly and reliable format for multitarget detection in different fields. CLART® Technology platforms can be applied to detection of Nucleic Acids , Proteins and other biomolecules, thereby expanding the number of users in several fields like infectious diseases, genetic diseases, oncology, biomarker detection, farmacogenomics and companion diagnostics, targeted therapy and patient selection for clinical trials, good allergy and autoimmune diseases, veterinary and many other different applications. These opportunities include tailor-made arrays, software development and array readers to get a complete IVD standardized product.

GENOMICA offers to collaborate with companies and research institutions interested in applying this concept to their own developments and products through several collaboration models, such as OEM product development, co-development, consulting services and others.

Please contact us for further information:

Rosario Cospedal

Managing Director of GENOMICA S.A.U.




SAICLART® is GENOMICA’s proprietary image processing software for the analysis and interpretation of current state of the art microarrays. Originally developed for GENOMICA´s diagnostic platform, SAICLART® can at present process all kind of microarrays immobilized in a wider range of formats like slides, tubes and microplates.

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