ANDENIRegarding the use of DNA footprinting for the identification of family members, GENOMICA and the ANDENI National Child Safeguard Association, an International Adoption Organization collaborating with the People’s Republic of China, has renewed the working agreement up to January 31, 2016 for the purpose of collaborating and mediating in adoption processes and for conducting the DNA testing for their members.

Hence, ANDENI will be taking charge of organizing groups of families interested in having their son/daughter or sons/daughters DNA footprints taken. GENOMICA will charge ANDENI members a special price considerably lower than the regular Price.


Member prices: 100 € incl. VAT

Non-member price: 120 € incl. VAT

All families interested in this subject can contact ANDENI for further information:

The following documents must be furnished for the test:

  • The adopting parents’ Spanish National Identity Cards or Passports, original and photocopy of each.
  • The adopted son/daughter’s Spanish National Identity Card or Passport, original and photocopy. In the event of not having been issued this document, furnish a recent photograph instead.
  • “Libro de Familia” [booklet containing family details (marriage, births) used for official purposes, original and photocopy.

At the point in time at which the samples are taken, it will be necessary to complete:

  • GENOMICA application form for the DNA footprint analysis
  • Sample-taking Certificate Form

The DNA footprint test must be paid for in full at the point in time at which the samples are taken and the forms are completed.

Apart from the above, GENOMICA has recently signed a working agreement with the Professional Association of Spanish Private Detectives (APDPE) for conducting DNA analyses.

If you belong to an association or organization and need our services or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us to let us know what you need.