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#1. autoclart plus®:

It is the new automation instrument that performs CLART® kits analysis. This a remarkable advance since for the first time, the visualization and reading processes of up to 96 samples are combined in the same device, reducing the time and increasing the ease of analysis.
Complementarily, the new cut strips allow only half of the wells (4) to be used, thus optimizing savings in laboratories with low workloads.

#2. New Oncology Kits:

This year GENOMICA has added 3 new kits to its portfolio of oncology products.
The first to be marketed was the CLART® CMA BRAF MEK1 AKT1 kit aimed to the detection of mutations in melanoma-related oncogenes.
He has also developed his first kit for liquid biopsy samples, specifically in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: CLART® CMA EGFR BL. The latest kit released targets the same type of cancer and detects mutations in the ALK and ROS1 genes, the new CLART® CMA ALK ROS1.

#3. NGS Services:

GENOMICA has started to offer Next Generation Sequencing services this year collaborating with the Foundation for Bio-Medical Research at Gregorio Marañon Hospital for an important cancer research project. It is also continuing to work with PharmaMar in the sequencing of samples involved in clinical trials. To respond to the increase of this type of analysis, GENOMICA has increased its NGS equipment endowment.

#4. International Expansion:

GENOMICA has signed new distribution contracts in countries where it has never been before such as India, Korea, Thailand or China. It should be noted as well an increase of 65% of the turnover in LATAM.

#5. NEDxA®: a New Technology Platform:

This year the GENOMICA’s NEDxA® Project has taken off with its application in the field of HPV detection. With NEDxA® HPV, GENOMICA offers a technological platform that allows complete automation of the HPV genotyping analysis while reducing the analysis time. GENOMICA has registered the NEDxA® brand at European level since September 2016 and is currently processing a patent family to protect the technology.

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