SAICLART® is GENOMICA’s proprietary image processing software for the analysis and interpretation of current state of the art microarrays. Originally developed for its diagnostic platform, SAICLART® can process microarrays in a wider range of formats like slides, tubes and microplates, spotted in a great variety of configurations.

The image analysis is completely automated, avoiding the subjectivity that introduces user interaction, and providing fast, accurate and repeatable results. Its architecture allows easy and convenient customization for both R&D laboratories and in vitro diagnostics.

SAICLART® discerns spots from background signals using an advanced proprietary recognition algorithm:

  • Identifies and segmentates the spots, validating them according to morphological criteria
  • Quantifies their signal considering all their effective area and offering up to 30 metrics per feature
  • Discards artifacts like speckles, fibers or bubbles, greatly reducing false positive and negative results
  • Solves common spot defects like donuts, comets, position deviations, scratches, etc., improving the overall performance of the assay

SAICLART® provides:

  • Fast and reproducible measurements
  • Multiple background subtraction and normalization methods
  • Flexible layout definition including subgrids or multiple samples per slide
  • Smart grid alignment, allowing to spot microarrays on microtiter wells and process images regardless of the angle of rotation

SAICLART® can be customized to your microarray platform, integrated with other software and embedded in your scanners:

  • Available in the form of DLLs that can be linked to code written in C++, C++/CLI, C#, VB.NET and python
  • Very simple API
  • Supports different image formats like Windows bitmaps, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, etc.
  • Bit depths from 8 to 16 bits
  • Output data in XML
  • Requires Windows XP SP2 and at least 256 Mb of RAM